An Iowa couple convicted in the starvation death of their adopted daughter

10 month ago

An Iowa couple is likely to die of their 16-year-old adopted daughter. The couple is sentenced to spend all their lives in prison.

On Friday, a judge sentenced 41-year-old Misty Jo Bousman Ray to spend her life in jail without an early amnesty, and her husband, Mark Ray, aged 43, to 80 years in prison.

They were arrested after Sabrina Ray's death in May 2017, which weighed only 56 lbs when she died.

Misty Jo Bousman Ray pleaded guilty on January 9 to a first-degree abduction leader and two third-degree abduction leaders, involving two other adopted children who lived at her home in Perry.

Last month, Mark Ray pled guilty to endangering the death of one child and three counts of third-degree abduction.

Mesti Joe Bossman Ray apologized, saying "all of this is my fault".