Banksy wall painting on the garage in Wales is sold but will remain in place

7 month ago

A British art dealer claims to have bought a street mural by street artist Panksy on a garage wall in Wales for over £ 100,000 ($ 129,000).

The painting shows a child playing in the ash cascade, a clear indication of steel pollution by the city.

Security guards were hired to protect the job following its appearance in December in a garage for metalworking.

John Brandler of Brander Galleries, in the east of England, announced Friday that it was agreed that the mural would remain in place for at least two years.

He said “I want to make Port Talbot a go-to place rather than a go-from place. Within a short time I’m thinking of bringing five or six more Banksys to Port Talbot. Let’s do an exhibition.