code word saved 11-years-old girl from being kidnapped.

9 month ago

Wednesday near a park in North Pecan Creek, an 11-years-old Arizona girl was walking hand in hand with her friend when a strange man driving a white SUV pulled beside them.

the man who was a bearded man in his 40's as described told the girl that her brothers were involved in a fatal accident and demanded her to come with him.

the girl was smart enough to remember her parent's guidings in this critical moment, and asked the man to tell her the code word; the possible kidnapper realized then that he is not dealing with a regular little girl and left the scene hurriedly.

Brenda James the girl's mother was very proud of her daughter for remembering this piece of advice she and her family adopted to use in serious situations.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb applauded the kind of education the girl's family was teaching and believed that each parent should use the same approach or so to prevent grave dangers.

a code word saved this girls life from a possible kidnapping the question is would other minors think of this solution when a bunch psychos are there to shatter peace inside a family's life.