Dead newborn girl found in bathroom trash can at Amazon distribution center.

7 month ago

A newborn baby was found dead in a trash can in the bathroom of an Amazon distribution center in Phoenix Wednesday evening.

The Baby girl was found dead in women's restroom around 8.30pm Wednesday night.

Responding officers said the baby was already 'beyond resuscitation' when they have arrived at the scene.

Officials said they located the mother and spoke with her. Police did not identify her but said she is cooperating with investigators.

It's not clear yet if the mother was an Amazon employee, or if she gave birth inside the bathroom.

The baby's cause of death will ultimately be determined by a medical examiner.

Amazon said in a statement that the baby's death is 'a terribly sad and tragic incident'.

'We are working with local authorities to support their investigation. The safety and wellness of our team is our top priority.'

Police said the warehouse remained in operation while officers were on scene.

The state of Arizona has the Safe Haven Law which allows for the safe hand-off of babies up to three years old.

Mothers can leave their babies 'with an on-duty staff member at any hospital, emergency medical service provider, fire station or with any licensed private child welfare agency, licensed adoption agency or any church in Arizona'.