Bestselling US writer claimed her husband poisoned her in order to get $1M life insurance.

7 month ago

Bestselling urban fantasy novelist Sherrilyn Kenyon has filed an 80-pages lawsuit claiming her husband Lawrence 'Ken' Kenyon was lacing her food and drink with toxic metals from 2014 until they split in 2018.

The 53-year-old writer says the poisoning left her with clumps of hair falling out, crumbling teeth, tremors, back pain, a numb tongue and a metallic taste in her mouth none of which could be explained by doctors.

The suit, filed in Williamson County in Tennessee, accuses Kenyon II, together with one of the two assistants, of “assault by poisoning”, as well as “intentional interference with business relationships [and] prospective contractual relations” and invasion of privacy. Kenyon also accuses both of the assistants of helping her husband to embarrass her in front of fans and isolating her from her friends and employees.

She also claims that Lawrence and one of the accused assistants “would force her to eat and become enraged any time she failed to consume”.

Kenyon says that she had her blood, nails, and hair tested for toxins; The results from lab testing for heavy metals in her hair show a red, uppercase "H," signifying high levels, for five substances: lithium, tin, barium, platinum, and thorium.

Despite her mysterious ailments, Sherrilyn - who grew up in an abusive household - said she never suspected her husband and believed they had a happy marriage.

It was only after he filed for divorce in 2018 and moved out that she began to get suspicious after her health suddenly improved.

Lawrence Kenyon's attorney, Sean Aiello, has since filed a motion to consolidate the poisoning lawsuit into their ongoing divorce suit.