2 fifth-grade students planned a murder plot to kill classmate.

7 month ago

Two fifth-grade students at a Tallahassee elementary school arrested for allegedly plotting to kill a fellow classmate.

Florida police said they found knives, pliers, and wrenches inside the student's backpacks.

The 10- and 11-years-old students would face “juvenile civil citations for conspiracy to commit battery and bringing weapons on school grounds,”

School officials became aware of the killing plot when a child came forward and told a teacher that two students were planning to fight a third student and had brought weapons to the school.

the victim who had been bullied over the last month by the students told a staff member that he believed the suspects intended to kill him. When asked how he knew that, the student said several other students had told him throughout the day.

The suspects sketched out a map of an area on campus where there were no security cameras.

The next day, one of them brought a bag to class with gloves, pliers and a multitool with a blade on it, police said. The two boys allegedly planned to use the pliers to break a lock on a school gate so they could escape in a golf cart.

both students were questioned and denied plotting to kill the victim. The student reportedly admitted to planning to beat the intended victim up due to rumors the victim was spreading but said he did not know there was a knife attached to the toolkit.

the suspects were suspended and recommended for expulsion, said Chris Petley, the public information officer for Leon County Schools. He said the school board would decide on the final outcome, but did not have a date for when that would happen.