Uber driver attacked by Two juveniles in Las Vegas.

7 month ago

Two juveniles were arrested Tuesday by Las Vegas police after attacking an Uber driver who refused to give them a ride.

The Uber driver who did not want to share his name narrated the events of the attack which started by getting a request to pick up the young men outside an apartment near the Convention Center last week.

The driver canceled the teen's request after realizing that they were underage and that they only requested one rider through UberPool, an affordable carpool option through the app.

The driver said both of those are against Uber’s policy. So before starting the ride, he canceled their request.

“Because of the situation being so shady he asked them to leave the car,” the Uber driver’s son said. “When he asked them to leave they started throwing punches at him,”

Adding that the whole incident left the family "shaken up."

“It’s definitely brutal,” he said. “It’s hard to watch because it just makes you wonder how safe the drivers are when they’re driving.”

The attackers left the driver with a broken cheekbone under his right eye, according to his son.

Metro police on Tuesday said two juveniles were in custody in connection with the case, but could not provide additional details.