Diabetic alert dog shot to death outside Quinlan home in Texas

7 month ago

When Tina Westmoreland went outside her Quinlan home to care for the plants in her front yard, she found her daughter's diabetic alert dog laying there.

The mother of four remembered how she was shocked when she found the 4-year-old golden retriever on the ground. She only saw the puddle of blood when the dog was lifted into the car. Journey, as the family called the dog, died from the gunshot wound in an animal hospital.

Journey was a trained dog and was able to detect high or low levels of blood sugar. He was with the family for three years to help in their 15-year-old sibling diabetes illness.

"She is struggling, but hanging in there," the mother said about her teen daughter. Journey "would poke her with her nose on her leg, made sure she stopped and listened to him."