A taxi driver was robbed in Broken Hill

7 month ago

On Sunday, January 13, 2019, around 4:25 pm, a 60-year-old taxi driver, he arrested two men on Creedon Street when an armed man approached him with a knife.

Armed men demanded money before fleeing.

The taxi driver complied before escaping to his warehouse, where he alerted the police.

The taxi driver was not physically injured.

While Parry County police continue to investigate the incident.

Police stated that the first man is described as an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander appearance under the age of 30, about 172 cm to 177 cm tall with a thick beard.

The second male is described as an Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander, also under 30 years old, approximately 172 cm to 177 cm tall. The last time we saw him, he was wearing a masked bird covering his head.

Anyone with information or seeing a dashboard camera is asked to contact the police.