The national champion Clemson Tigers football team will visit the White House on Monday,

7 month ago

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And the dictates of the game, the boss, what a team! "He said.

It will be Annie's visit to the White House Ritms in Climson to defeat Alabama 44-16. Comments Also visited the Tigers in 2017 after defeating Crimson Tide 2016 in the National Championship year.

The teams of White House champions became a tradition in the late 20th century under Presidents Ronald. H.W payment

Since President Trump took office, the practice of going to the White House has been called for scrutiny. The Golden State Warriors did not go to the White House for any of the NBA titles of the American Football League. President Trump said in 2017 that Steve Carey was "hesitant, so the invitation is withdrawn!"

The Philadelphia Eagles did not make a trip to the White House after winning their first Super Bowl title. The call of the champions was canceled last year after the withdrawal of several players.