Three German skiers killed and another missing in an avalanche in Austrian ski resort

7 month ago

Three German skiers were killed and a fourth is still missing after an avalanche swept them away overnight in the Austrian ski resort of Lech am Arlberg, according to Sunday police reports.

The three victims, ages 57, 36 and 32 were found at 11 p.m. (22:00 GMT) after the wife of one of them contacted police to declare them missing. They all were from the Upper Swabia area of Southwestern Germany as well as the fourth skier, a 28-year-old who is still missing.

The group was able to climb, ski down slopes and discover off-piste since they were using touring skis, according to the police in the western province of Vorarlberg.

The warning level of avalanches in the area was 3 on a scale of 5 after heavy snows hit Austrian Alps during the past week.