Unbelievable escape of 13-year-old girl missing since October leads police to double homicide suspect

one year ago

Jayme Class, the 13-year-old girl who went missing for three months since the day of her parents killings, had successfully managed to escape from the suspected killer's home on Thursday.

21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson of Gordon was during the three months kidnapping Closs and concealing her from his friends and family. He wasn't home when Closs escaped. She was later found by a woman who recognized her from media reports and took her to a nearby home where she called police. Closs gave authorities description of the suspect and his car which helped them arrest him while he was out looking for her.

Closs was reported missing since Oct. 15. Her parents, James and Denise, ages 56 and 46, were found shot to death in their rural Wisconsin home.