Sanctuary released immigrant kills 3 in a fatal shooting

5 month ago

An illegal Mexican immigrant was charged with fatally shooting two men and wounding two others on Nov.1 and fatally shooting a woman on Nov.2.

Luis Rodrigo Perez, 23, was being held on domestic violence charges in Middlessex County Jail in New Jersey from December 2017 until last February. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said that it was notified when he was released even though they requested to place a detainer on Perez.

"Yet again, an ICE detainer was ignored and a dangerous criminal alien was

released to the streets" Corey Price, the acting executive director of ICE said, "had ICE's detainer request in December 2017 been honored..Perez would have been placed in deportation proceedings and likely sent home to his country-and three innocent people might be alive today".