shoplifter get rid of stolen itoms including bras and panties during police chase.

7 month ago

Shoplifter allegedly threw stolen items from car's window during a police chase in northern Indiana.

the woman, identified as 34-year-old Holly Sansone, led police on a high-speed chase, nearly colliding head-on with other vehicles Wednesday night after she was confronted by police.

Police said Sansone led officers on the potentially fatal car chase over the alleged theft of four bras, 14 panties, two candles, and a few air freshener refills valued in total at $445.

The chase ended when her car tires were shredded by spikes police laid across a roadway in Chesterton.

Sansone was arrested on charges of resisting law enforcement, theft, and reckless driving.

Police found several pairs of women's underwear in the vehicle and recovered more panties and a bra from the side of the roadways. They also found at the jail that Sansone was wearing two pairs of panties with the price tags still attached.