Woman lost thousands of dollars after wining jackpot when casino staff made a mistake in her Social Security number.

5 month ago

Maryland woman could not contain her happiness after winning jackpot Friday night, but her joy did not last for too long after the casino staff took down her Social Security number wrong.

Cynthia Obie won thousands on a slot machine at the Prince George’s County casino – but when the casino took down her Social Security number incorrectly, she lost it in a blink of an eye.

the casino gave her a letter instructing her to sort it out with Maryland’s Human Services agency.

Obie said she’s frustrated with the situation and just wants the money she won.

“Now I’m at the point, this is insane. You guys are a billion-dollar corporation," she said. "You do the research: I won fair and square. I just want my money."

An MGM spokesperson said in a statement that the casino is aware of the “unfortunate error” and is working on fixing the situation.