Female Illinois police officer nearly lost her life after suspect pointed his gun toward her face.

6 month ago

A wanted murderer was shot and killed by an officer after he was attempting to fire his gun at an Illinois female police officer.

dashcam and bodycam footages were presented by Lake County State's Attorney, the video shows what was going to be the last moments of the officer's life before her rescuer came to help.

a female officer can be seen standing by the driver's side door of a dark-colored car and radioing in about the car's license plate.

the suspect then hands the officer a piece of paper and then reaches out of view and draws a gun on her.

As soon as she sees the gun, the officer grabs it and starts high-pitched screaming, 'No,' as the man tries to pull the gun back into the car. As he and the officer struggle over the gun, she can be heard repeating, 'Please don't shoot me!'

the attacker can be heard saying, 'If you stop...' and 'let go,' as the officer says that she'll leave, but refuses to release the gun.

a backup officer then came to rescue his fellow mate, after observing that the suspect has a second handgun he was obliged to fire at him.the man was dead at the scene.

the suspect was identified as Kenneth E. Martell, 36, who was wanted on criminal homicide, terroristic threats, and simple assault charges in the death of 88-year-old Theodore Garver of Beaver Township sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.