Iowa suspect arrested for shooting an elderly woman while targeting deer

6 month ago

An Iowa suspect was arrested after he accidentally hit a 73-year-old woman inside her home while he targeted a deer on Friday night.

Lee Joseph Ryals, 34, was identified as the suspect who hit the woman in the back of her head as she was cleaning a stove in her Ottumwa home. Ryals was intoxicated when he fired a 30-30 rifle at a deer but instead accidentally hit the woman. Investigators estimated that the bullet traveled more than 120 yards before reaching the victim's home.

When the woman realized that she was bleeding, she drove herself to a hospital where the bullet was dislodged from her head, and she was later discharged from the facility.

Ryals was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and reckless use of a firearm in addition to several hunting violations.