Cemetery facing rage of family after relocating their mother's grave without permission.

6 month ago

A Kingston family says their beloved mother was moved from one burial location to another at the cemetery she was buried in all without asking for permission.

Cassandra and her brother Greg said the burial location at Kingston Evergreen Cemetery was special, but this week when they went to visit in honor of her birthday, something was not right.

"Like I had forgotten where she had been buried for a split moment. I thought it was just me," said Greg.

But it wasn't just Greg. Apparently, their mother's cremated remains were moved to a new location within the cemetery.

"To come down on New Year's Day to show up to find out she has been moved without any contact. It just seems inhumane," said Cassandra.

She said the cemetery never contacted the family and did not apologize for the mistake.

Kingston town clerk Paul Gallagher said that’s in violation of Chapter 114, section 45, which explicitly states a permit must be pulled.

"Evergreen Cemetery is a private cemetery and we have no records or authority over the property. I have been trying to assist the family by contacting the Board of Trustees. They are actively investigating from what I am told. I have not been advised nor been provided any proof that the body has actually been moved," Gallagher wrote.

"I am the Burial Agent in Kingston and it would be through my office one would apply for the permit," he said. "There is no record of a permit requested to move a body. I had originally hoped that maybe the headstone was placed in the wrong spot, but at this point, I don't believe that is the answer."

the Howard siblings expressed their extreme frustration upon the way the cemetery violated their mother's special spot.