A New York City firefighter fell from an overpass and died at the hospital.

5 month ago

A New York firefighter died in a car accident in Brooklyn. He fell from an overpass and died at the hospital.

In a statement from the fire department, posted on the Facebook page, Fire Commissioner Daniel Negro and City Mayor Bill de Blacio said the volunteer firefighter was Stephen H. Pollard.

"It's a very sad night for the Pollard family, for the firefighter's family and for our city," said Negro. "He lost his life tonight helping others."

A company of 170 people was called to Brooklyn for 22 people injured in the Parkway Belt around 22 hours. Sunday, said Negro.

While the firefighters were helping the victims, Pollard made his way down the road and fell about 52 feet off the ground. His death was announced at King County Hospital.

Police Chief James O'Neill said Monday morning that his department sends his condolences to family, friends and other firefighters who fell on Sunday night. "(NYC) Never forget your sacrifice," he writes.

De Blacio and O'Neill went to the hospital after the accident.

“This is a family who has done so much for New York City and now they’re going through this loss and this pain,” de Blasio said. “It’s a very, very tough situation.”