victim of Melbourne terror attack turned out to be a well loved iconic coffee owner .

5 month ago

Sisto Malaspina, the co-owner of the popular Melbourne Italian cafe Pellegrini’s was killed after Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, 30, went on the rampage in Bourke Street in Melbourne’s city center on Friday afternoon.

Sisto's coffee shop was a favorite corner for customers with it's 50's style and cozy owner treatment the thing that attracted a lot of long-term customers including big actor Russell Crowe who has tweeted that the death of the man breaks his heart.

Two others were injured. Tasmanian retiree Rod Patterson, 58 and a 24-year-old security guard from Hampton Park who is both recovering at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Sisto's coffee was crowded since early morning with customers who came with flowers to give their last respect to the brave man who distributed his warm attitude and positive vibes ever since the opening of his coffee bar.

police are still looking into the incident while the attacker is already dead as he was shot by officers and was pronounced dead in the hospital.

while they are suspecting it to be a terroristic attack as Shire Ali turned out to have some connections with terroristic organizations.