over 400 illegals were arrested in 2 days, Border agents are setting a record.

5 month ago

over 400 illegal immigrants, including children, from Central America, from Tuesday to Wednesday. were arrested at the borders of America this October U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that A group of 82 migrants was captured illegally crossing into the United States near the San Luis Port just before midnight on Tuesday.

most of the immigrants were a Guatemalan family unit with three other people in El Salvador their ages range from Less than 5 years old to 48 years old.

4 hours later another group of immigrants was trying to cross through the same port by digging the ground beneath the wall most of them were Guatemalans citizens with the exception of 14 people from El Salvador.

by the end of Wednesday, a total of 449 illegal immigrants were captured by the Border Patrol agent.

reports said that the numbers of immigrants crossing borders reached it's the highest rate since 2014.

while president Trump declared that anyone crossing the borders from Mexico illegally would lose his chance to apply for asylum procedures.