Thousands of Orthodox Christian faithful have plunged into the frozen rivers and lakes of Bulgaria to celebrate Epiphany

6 month ago

Several faithful Orthodox Christians have descended into the glaciers and lakes of Bulgaria to find the crucifixion of priests at the ceremony celebrating the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Tradition has it that the person who recovers the wooden cross is free from evil spirits and becomes healthy throughout the year. After the Cross, the priest watered the faithful with water with a handful of basil.

Epiphany takes place every year on January 6th and marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas.

Thousands of men in embroidered white shirts entered the Tundza River, waving national flags and singing folk songs Sunday, in the central mountain town of Kalofer. They danced for about half an hour, until their fists were plunged into ice water, removing the pieces of ice.