Memorial Service will be held in California for fallen corporal Ronil Singh.

6 month ago

Newman Police Chiefs and community all gathered to say their final goodbyes to corporal Ronil Singh who was shot to death in the line of duty.

The memorial service celebrating the life of Corporal Ronil Singh will be Saturday, January 5th at 10:00 AM at CrossPoint Community Church located at 1301 12th Street, Modesto, CA. The service is open to the public.

the 33-year-old officer was killed Dec. 26 when he pulled over a suspected drunk driver.

Singh, who emigrated from his native Fiji to pursue a career in law enforcement, joined the 12-member Newman police force in 2011.

Prosecutors on Wednesday charged the killer 33-year-old Gustavo Perez Arriaga with murder. He was arrested after a dayslong manhunt as he prepared to flee to Mexico, authorities said.

the killing drew more debates over California’s sanctuary law that limits cooperation by local authorities with federal immigration authorities.

the case also drew the attention of president Trump who is currently leady a partial government shutdown over border security making him call for tougher border security.

the victim's family also received a call from the president who has offered his condolence according to the white house.

funeral services will take place on Saturday in Modesto. They'll start at 10 a.m at CrossPoint Community Church.

It will be followed by a processional around 11:30 to Corporal Singh's final resting place at Lakewood Memorial Park.