Police identify 21-year-old wanted woman from Las Vegas in manicurist death

5 month ago

Thursday, a 21-year-old woman from Las Vegas claims the theft of a stolen car and an owner of a beauty salon in Las Vegas pursued her over the weekend because she had not Paid manicure at $ 35, police said.

Las Vegas police released images of a security camera at the window during an incident on Saturday afternoon, with a call for information about the fate of the suspect, Krystal Whipple.

The video shows Ngoc Q. Nguyen, 51, from Garden Grove, California, jumping in front of a black sedan before being towed under the car while driving at high speed.

Lt. Ray Spencer, homicide, said Whipple had tried to pay for his manicure with a fake credit card and told Nguyen and her husband that she would go to her car to get the money before she ran away.

The husband, who was not released, is visible on the security shots attached to the car from behind.

Police said the car was stolen last month and was found abandoned in a nearby apartment complex.

  According to the Clark County Court Records, Whipple was sentenced in 2017 in Las Vegas for attempting to possess a stolen vehicle. She was also sentenced to four months in prison last year for breaching probation in this case.