Idaho nurse under investigation for possible role in disappearance of Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth.

6 month ago

A nurse from Twin Falls is being investigated for her possible role in the case

Police believe the woman may have disposed of Kelsey Berreth's phone.

the 32-year-old nurse has not been publicly identified by law enforcement investigators or charged with any crime.

Berreth's fiancé, Patrick Frazee, has been charged with murder and solicitation to commit murder after the 29-year-old mother and flight instructor had last been seen alive on Thanksgiving Day on Nov. 22.

It was reported last week that police in Idaho who are working with authorities in Colorado appeared to have discovered the missing mom's cell phone.

The Twin Falls Police Department revealed that officers from the force played a role in the investigation by obtaining search warrants and examining evidence in the case.

Berreth's cell phone pinged off a tower in Gooding, Idaho, on November 25, three days after she went missing and around the same time, her employer received a text stating that she would not be in for work that week. The location it pinged is about 800 miles from where Berreth was last seen.

authorities are still looking for Ms. Berreth’s body, Custody of the baby daughter was granted to her parents last week.