Australia toddler died after farm equipment fell over him.

5 month ago

An Australian toddler was killed after a piece of machinery falls on him at the family farm.

The accident happened on the family’s farm in Warrnambool, Victoria, about 150 miles from Melbourne.

2-year-old Darcy Membrey has accompanied his father to the shed where farm machinery was kept, the boy was trapped under a fertilizer spreader which fell from an old tractor.

family members tried desperately to drag the boy from under the equipment but in vain, when med arrived it was already late as the boy was dead at the time.

The boy’s grandfather, Bruce Membrey, said that nobody was using the tractor when the boy was in the shed, he has described his grandson as “a real country kid.”

“He is just a happy-go-lucky 2-year-old that loved being around the farm,” Membrey said. “He was at the farm every day of his life. He liked machinery, fixing things.”

family members are still under the tragedy's shock as they have lost their beloved little man.

Authorities said a coroner’s report has not been released yet.