Oregon man arrested after getting caught trying to steal bike from police station.

6 month ago

Police in Oregon has arrested a man who was caught on camera attempting to steal a bike that was being kept on a bike rack near the station door.

The Gladstone Police Department caught it on surveillance video. The footage shows suspect Adam Valle, 26, wearing a mask as he cuts the lock off the bike with a bolt cutter, just before Sgt. Matt Okerman walks out to confront him.

Sgt. Carl Bell of the Gladstone Police Department said that it's his first-time encountering such a dump thief as officers were inside watching on the video camera.

Valle was arrested on Dec. 27 and charged with theft, criminal mischief and felon in possession of weapons, he had already been in custody for drug possession in 2014. he was released the next day after setting up a later court date.