2-year-old girl injured after rhino encounter at Florida zoo.

6 month ago

A 2 years old girl, was sent to a hospital under a trauma alert status after an encounter with a rhino at Florida zoo on Tuesday.

the toddler was visiting Brevard Zoo in Melbourne when they were granted access to a close-up experience with white rhinos.

They were reportedly separated from the rhinos by steel posts, which the toddler snuck through.

A zoo spokesman said: "According to witnesses, the child stumbled and fell in between two of the poles and at this point, the snout of at least one rhinoceros made contact with the child."

The girl was quickly pulled to safety by her parents, Reuters reported. She had an abrasion on her cheek, while her mother complained of arm pain.

Both were taken the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando for non-critical injuries, their identity is being kept private.

In a statement, zoo officials said the rhino encounters have been suspended until a safety review is completed.

The experience has been offered daily since 2009 and no other incidents had been reported, the zoo said.