The Turpin family house where 12 kids have been imprisoned and tortured is up for sale

5 month ago

The home where suspects David and Louise Turpin allegedly tortured and imprisoned 12 of their kids is now up for auction in Southern California.

Bidding began on Saturday for the 2,386-square -foot Perris home, and reached $200,000 by Sunday. The Turpin home went into foreclosure in November and an auction company posted a listing without mentioning the crimes that took place there. The listing had only been updated after potential buyers realized the actual alleged crimes.

Scott Beloian, owner of Westcoe Realtors, said that laws require agents to reveal any deaths at the residence in the last three years .

David and Louise Turpin were arrested early this year after a 17-year-old daughter fled the house and called police saying that her parents were chaining and torturing their kids.