US Strategic Command apologizes for new year's bombing tweet.

6 month ago

US Strategic Command had apologized for a Twitter message saying it was ready if necessary to drop something "much, much bigger" than the New Year's Eve ball in New York and showing a clip of an aircraft releasing bombs.

the department which is responsible for strategic deterrence, global strike, and operating the Defense Department's Global Information Grid, has posted the tweet hours before the iconic ball that marks the new year in New York was dropped along with a video showing a bomber dropping two bombs.

The command's Twitter account has more than 93,000 followers, and the tweet was deleted after sparking controversy on social media.

"Our previous NYE tweet was in poor taste & does not reflect our values," the command later tweeted. "We apologize. We are dedicated to the security of America & allies."

Among the initial tweet's detractors was from the former head of the US Office of Government Ethics, Walter M Shaub Jr who has tweeted: "What kind of maniacs are running this country?".

other Twitter users defended the message, saying it was funny, that it actually gave assurances of safety and there was no need to apologize.