Promising pedestrian, 16, killed herself in stable after argument with mom over riding too fast

1 month ago

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A Welsh teen and gifted equestrian has taken her own life after a random argument with her mom who had asked her to slow down riding her pony.

Brodie Morgan, 16, had a promising future ahead of her by all accounts when she hanged herself near her horse stable.

“Brodie was her usual happy self when I told her she was galloping too fast. I said she wouldn’t go to a show at the weekend if she didn’t slow down,” the grieving mom recalls.

The teen, depressed by her grandfather and a friend’s deaths, replied that she would no longer go riding on her pony Archie.

Later on, the mom grew worried when she found out that Archie was still saddled up in the stable and called police to report Brodie missing.

A family friend would shortly later discover Brodie hanged near the stables. Despite saving attempts, she died at the scene.

“One girl said they no longer wanted to be friends, there was no malice. They were having issues,” teacher Laura Floodwater said.

The assistant corner, Naomi Rees, said that the “Horse and Hound magazine” star would have succeeded in her life, no matter what she’d have chosen to do.

“It’s clear from her mother’s statement the joy and pride she felt in her daughter.

The tragedy is that she had the world at her feet, horses and ponies were her passion and would have been throughout her life.”