Michigan woman angry at boyfriend sent him text after setting his mom’s home on fire: ‘Hope she likes burning alive’

1 month ago

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Michigan authorities have busted a 21-year-old woman who had allegedly set her boyfriend’s mom’s home on fire, killing her and two of her grandchildren.

“I’m outside your mom’s house…I hope your mom likes being burned alive,” Abbieana Williams texted her boyfriend shortly after setting the deadly fire on Melissa Westen’s home.

Williams has denied her involvement in the arson blaze but overwhelming evidence linked her to the tragic incident that killed Westen and two children ages 4 and 8.

A friend told investigators that Williams asked him for a ride to the victims’ home on September 3 and overheard her making threatening statements.

Westen’s neighbor recognized Williams who allegedly asked them for a lighter that she used to ignite the flames. She was also spotted in the vicinity of the targeted home, moments before the fire.

The crime came amid infidelity accusations Williams made to her boyfriend, Westen’s son.