Cleveland officer shot and killed while riding patrol car with another person: ‘We lost one of the finest’

5 month ago

Cleveland news, Ohio news.

Cleveland authorities announced that at least one suspect is in custody in connection with the Thursday shooting death of a police officer described as one of Cleveland’s finest cops.

Officer James Skernivitz, 53-year-old, was on duty riding his patrol car at around 10 p.m. on the west side of the city when a gunman opened fire at his cruiser several times killing him and another occupant before the vehicle ultimately crashed.

Skernivitz had joined law enforcement in 1998 and was described as an excellent teammate: “He was out doing what all police officers do, trying to protect the people of our city, and he gave his life,” Police Chief Calvin Williams said.

Authorities didn’t provide more information about the second victim and the suspect.