2 teens charged with murder of 8-week-old son who sustained broken bones, ribs and arms

2 months ago

Billings news, Montana news.

Two Montana teenage parents have been charged with homicide after their eight-week-old son died of abuse and neglect last March.

19-year-old Samantha May Hance and her 16-year-old boyfriend pleaded not guilty to deliberate homicide and Yellowstone County District Court Judge set their bail on $500,000.

The infant was eight-week-old when he died on March 27. The medical examiner discovered broken ribs, collar bone, and arms after conducting an autopsy. Hance told investigators that her boyfriend was aggressive toward the baby and that if she had to guess “she would attribute the fractures to her boyfriend.”

Text messages revealed that Hance’s claims were consistent after she warned him to stop beating the baby.