New York City beaches shark-invaded: 4 giant whites spotted, more coming

2 months ago

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New York City experts are warning residents over giant white sharks that are freely prowling waters on Jersey shores as they wait for their akin predators to join.

Scientists specified that four great white sharks are lying in wait for a bite on the shoreline: Cabot, a nine-foot giant; Mary Lee, 16 Ft. 3,456 pounds; Caroline, 1,300 pounds; and Vinny, the latest discovery of 13 Ft. and 1,164 pounds.

The impressive predators have been spotted at the Hamptons-Jersey area while the Ocearch shark tracker is expecting several others on the way. However, scientists are reassuring people that at the time, the situation is under control: “The drive to the beach is much riskier than swimming with sharks in the water,” a specialist said.