Oklahoma woman charges at toddler who threw sand at her, put her in chokehold and stabbed man who intervened

1 month ago

Tulsa news, Oklahoma news.

A 5-year-old girl was miraculously saved from an aggressive woman who put her in a chokehold for throwing sand before stabbed a man who got involved in the incident.

It occurred Friday in Oologah Lake when officers rushed to rescue a toddler placed in a chokehold by Keuetta Daniels after she threw sand at her. At the scene, they also found a man with serious stab wounds. He was identified as John Reed-Basks and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Witnesses told police that Reed-Basks was trying to pull off the girl when Daniels grabbed a pocket knife and stabbed him several times. She was charged with child abuse, domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and domestic by strangulation.