Airport employee, pharmacist daughter die from COVID-19 within one day

2 months ago

London news, UK news.

A father and his daughter have passed away within a single day from the novel coronavirus, according to British news outlets.

61-year-old Sudhir Sharma was the first to lose the battle with the pandemic on Wednesday. The next day his daughter, 33-year-old Pooja, died after three days of medical treatment.

The father was a Heathrow Airport worker and his colleagues said that he had underlying health conditions: “It’s an absolute tragedy. He was a lovely, lovely man. Every immigration officer is talking about it,” a co-worker said.

Pooja’s friends also mourned her on social media: “Really sorry to hear that one of our fellow pharmacists and a friend of mine since university, Pooja, and her father have passed away,” a friend said.