Suspect convicted of killing work associate, three family members for gambling

12 months ago

San Bernardino news, California news.

A California man has been convicted of murdering his work associate, his wife, and their two children and burying their corpses in a desert area.

Charles Merritt, aka Chase, 62, was found guilty of the grisly killings of Joseph McStay, 40, McStay's wife Summer, 43, their daughter, Gianni, 4, and their son Joseph, 3. He will face the death penalty when he will be sentenced.

It took the investigators more than three years to locate the remains of the successful entrepreneur and his family in the Mojave Desert. They linked Merritt to the crime by DNA they found in the victims' car that was recovered near Mexico border.

Authorities said that Merritt used Joseph's money for gambling and his addiction was the motive for the crime.