Woman gets 20-year sentence for stabbing uncle's wife while asleep

one year ago

Lincoln news, Nebraska news.

A Nebraska woman had been sentenced to 18 to 20 years behind bars for stabbing her uncle's wife who was sleeping with her children in May 2016.

Athea Stabler, 32-year-old, was paid $200 by her uncle, who got 25-year sentence, in order to cut off his wife's hair and wound her face. She was reportedly under methamphetamine's influence when she stabbed Jacinda Welsch Stabler, in her bed as she slept with her three small children.

Shirley Mora James, Stabler's attorney, stated at her sentencing hearing that the suspect "knows what she did was a monstrous act."

According to prosecutors, the suspect's uncle, Eddy Stabler, paid her to harm his wife because of divorce issues.