‘They shot him in front of children’: Outrage after Raleigh officers shot ‘disoriented’ father-of-3 following car crash

4 month ago

Raleigh news, North Carolina news.

The family of a California man who was shot dead by Raleigh officers following a traumatic highway crash on Jan. 11 is asking for justice.

Daniel Turcios, 43, was disoriented and stumbling away from the crash scene while holding his son’s hand when Raleigh cops surrounded them.

“In this case, because Daniel was disoriented from a severe blow to the head resulting in a temporary loss of consciousness that he suffered during the car accident – was that taken into consideration before the officers proceeded to engage?” Executive Director of Emancipate NC Group Dawn Blagrove said.

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  • Police said that preliminary information indicated that Turcios was brandishing a pocket knife and wouldn’t drop it when ordered to do so. A witness video showed that Turcios was shot multiple times after being tasered.

    “In this footage, it is undeniably clear that after the initial shot sustained by Daniel Turcios, he was no longer a threat,” Criminal Justice Activist Kerwin Pittman said. “Why were additional shots fired?”

    Through tears, Turcios’ widow who has now to raise their three sons by herself described that her late husband was so disoriented after the crash that “he didn’t even respond to” her.

    “They killed him in front of me and my children. I told them to leave him alone. He’s not doing anything to you. They didn’t listen,” she said.