CPS visited home of starving teen, 15, only week before his death weighing 65 pounds

1 month ago

Vancouver news, Washington news.

Court records revealed that a Child Protective Services employee was at the Washington home of a 15-year-old boy days before he passed away from extreme malnutrition.

The official visited Felicia Adams’ home after reports that one of her three nephews, 15-year-old Karreon Walker-Franks, was being starved.

It was Karreon’s other aunt who called the CPS, describing him as a “walking skeleton” and adding that he would “fall down due to malnourishment.”

On November 27, 2020, the disabled teen died, seven days following the social worker’s visit. Clark County Medical Examiner listed his cause of death as starvation and neglect.

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  • The teen was autistic, partially blind, incontinent, and non-verbal. His middle school teachers said that the boy came often dirty because Adams did not allow him more than one diaper a day.

    The supposedly caretaker asked school officials to not feed her nephews, who would cry of starvation, telling them Adams was withholding food.

    When contacted by school officials, Adams responded that it was her way to discipline the kids.

    Following Karreon’s death, his younger siblings were removed from Adams’ home. Vancouver police are investigating the case while Adams remains free.