Toddler has detached bowel, broken ribs, and vertebrae as she fights for life; Death penalty on the table for dad & girlfriend

12 days ago

Cody news, Wyoming news.

A Wyoming toddler’s chances of survival are fading away as she lies with a completely detached bowel and broken ribs and vertebrae relying on life support.

The 2-year-old girl had been so savagely abused for an extended amount of time, prosecutors alleged, at the hands of her biological father Moshe Williams, 30, and his girlfriend, Carolyn Aune, 28.

When Williams finally brought the tot to a Cody hospital on March 27, she went on cardiac arrest. She was revived and put on a ventilator while flown to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

“It was the opinion of the team that the injuries to [the girl] were sustained over a period of time and not from a singular event,” Det. Sgt. Juston Wead said.

“Although they could not say it [with] certainty, it was expressed that, more than likely, given the severity of the injuries, both caretakers should have known what occurred.”

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  • Officials believe the toddler’s injuries were consistent with “severe blunt force trauma to the abdomen.”

    “Dr. Wells said that [the girl] would have been extremely sick,” Wead asserted.

    “[A] reasonable person with any level of education or parental experience would have recognized and sought medical attention quicker.”

    Deputy Park County Attorney Jack Hatfield said on Friday that the child won’t likely survive and would be taken off of life support over the weekend.

    “The egregious conduct of these two individuals with a 2-year-old, the agony that the 2-year-old suffered, leaves one to conclude that they are obviously a serious public safety hazard,” Hatfield said.

    If the child dies, Williams and Aune will be facing the death penalty.