Arkansas baby found unharmed after kidnapper slaughtered three adults

2 months ago

Huntsville news, Arkansas news.

Arkansas authorities are relieved after the rescue of a months-old infant who had been kidnapped from a Huntsville home where three people were slaughtered.

On Tuesday evening, the bodies of Tami Lynn Chenoweth, 51; James Stanley McGhee, 59; and Cheyene Chenoweth, 26, were discovered at the northwest Arkansas residence.

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  • Detectives suspected that a baby was missing and sent troopers looking for two cars that may be used by the kidnappers.

    By Tuesday night, authorities had located the trucks and one of them had a woman behind the wheel as well as an armed passenger and a baby.

    Hunter Chenoweth, 22, was arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. The driver was questioned and released while the Department of Human Services took care of the infant.