Vice President Harris to live at Blair House as official Naval Observatory mansion undergoes renovation works

1 month ago

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Vice President Kamala Harris and her family will have to temporarily reside at the Blair House while their Vice Presidential residence undergoes some reparation works, reports said.

The Navy requested Harris and the second gentleman Doug Emhoff stay elsewhere as works are made to Number One Observatory Circle where they are supposed to reside.

The works consist of replacing chimney liners and maintenance, according to Harris’ office.

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  • Officials stressed that the mansion should be unoccupied to ensure a quick and efficient renovation.

    It remains unclear how long the second couple will stay at the Blair House designed for Presidential guests and which is located across the street from the White House.

    Harris and Emhoff will be the eighth family to live at the 12-acre Queen Anne-style residence since it was built in 1893 on the US Naval Observatory.