Kentucky mayor charged with DUI after falling asleep behind wheel, crashing into utility pole

2 months ago

Louisville news, Kentucky news.

Louisville Metro Police have arrested Shively Mayor Beverly Chester-Burton and charged her with driving under intoxication after she crashed her car into a utility pole on Tuesday.

Chester-Burton, the first Black mayor elected in Shively’s history, was at a White Castle drive-thru when she fell asleep behind the wheel, with some witnesses knocking at her window to wake her up.

But as she drove her silver Cadillac, the mayor crashed it into a utility pole while leaving the parking lot.

Chester-Burton failed a sobriety test and initially claimed she had two apple martinis at 5 p.m. only to change her claims and admit to having the drinks at 9 p.m.

She was booked into a Louisville Detention Department and released on bail. Her next arraignment is expected for Friday.