Thousand Oaks survivor witnessed the death of his friends on the hand of his longtime friend.

5 month ago

Wednesday night, at a bar called Borderline Bar & Grill college students, were having fun and enjoying a peaceful night with their friends when suddenly a maniac entered the bar and started shooting people.

everybody was at shock and could not contain the trauma effect.

authorities have reported that the shooter was identified as 28-year-old Ian Long, who was once a Marine combat veteran stationed in Afghanistan. Long used a.45-caliber Glock handgun to perform his massacre starting with the security guard outside the bar.

survivors have claimed that Long used smoke bombs inside the bard and then started shooting randomly at people.

Todd Stratton, a survivor who was at the bar with his two friends who also died in the attack said that he was shaken to the bone when he saw his longtime friend entering the bar and murdering people including his own friends.

stratton cannot believe that the attack was his friend's doing as he has never shown that side of personality to him.

police broke into Long's house On Thursday and some rumors surfaced claiming that the murderer has had PTSD and assaulted his high school track coach during his senior year.

a lot of people has joined together in a massive congregation to remember those who have died during the attack.

Long have stated in a Facebook update which he posted during his attack that he was insane and hoped that people would call him so.

Long was cleared from a law enforcement incident earlier this year when police were called upon hearing crushing sounds and yelling in his house; a mental health specialist said that his state was normal and should not be taken in.

the horrific massacre is still under investigations and the victim's families are still waiting for the answer.