Michelle Obama is the Most Admired Woman

6 month ago

Michelle Obama Ends Hillary Clinton's Run as Most Admired Woman.

In an annual survey conducted from December 3 to 12, 2018, about 15 percent of Americans participants to name the man and woman in the world they admire most, chose Michelle Obama this year for "the most admired woman ".

Oprah Winfrey came in second with 5 percent of the votes.

Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate of 2016, and the current first lady Melania Trump, each received 4%.

Former President Barack Obama Named '' Most Admired Man '' Michelle's husband won the title for the 11th consecutive year, garnering 19% of the vote this year.

President Donald Trump came after The 44th president with 13% of the vote. And the third place is taken by former President George W. Bush and Pope Francis, with each receiving 1%.