Retired Marine helped thwart a robbery in Pennsylvania.

6 month ago

A retired Marine Corps combat veteran stopped a robbery after disarming a man trying to rob a bar early Tuesday morning.

The Altoona Police Department said the incident happened around 1 a.m. at Ajay's Bar when a hooded man or woman walked in and demanded cash.

Police said the retired Marine, who was bartending, was able to disarm the robber while he was handing over money from the cash register.

Police said the two got into a struggle, and one round was fired from the gun. Neither of them was hit by the bullet, but police said they believe the suspect has obvious facial injuries from being hit with the gun.

Police released surveillance video of the incident to their Facebook page.

the suspect fled the bar, leaving a blood trail to the backyard of a home down the road before eventually getting away.

the gun used in the attempted robbery was reported stolen several months ago.

the suspect identified as a back male was last seen wearing a blue winter jacket, blue winter hat, jeans and a gray/red plaid scarf that covered most of his face.