Police discover dead baby in a motel freezer, mom charged with manslaughter

6 month ago

A mother has been charged in connection with the murder of her 6-month-old son after she left him in an Alabama motel freezer last summer.

Amanda Gail Oakes, 36, was charged with manslaughter and abuse of corpse after she reportedly hid the dead body of her son in the freezer when she was traveling with Carlton James Mathis, 28, who was arrested in June after the baby's body was found.

The infant, Curtis James Oakes, was left with Mathis when the mom left the motel to get her teenage daughter from Georgia. The baby died soon after and the couple placed hin in the freezer. The couple then fled to Florida. Authorities said he had been in the freezer for five to six days.

The mother's arrangement is scheduled for Jan. 8.