CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods said the company destroyed more than $5 million worth of weapons

4 month ago

The CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods said the company had destroyed more than $ 5 million in assault rifles following its decision to stop selling the arms despite the pressure on retailers from traffic light.

Ed Stack said the multi-million dollar inventory had been turned into scrap metal.

Stack announced that the chain based in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, would stop selling assault rifles and high capacity magazines after the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The shooter killed 17 students and school staff with a weapon purchased from a Dick location.

He also revised his gun sales policy to require a minimum age of 21 for firearms purchases. Stack said these changes resulted in a loss of $ 250 million in sales.

Earlier this year, Dick's stopped selling firearms and shotguns at 125 locations after a positive test in 10 stores.

Others have followed suit. Last month, Walmart announced plans to stop handgun sales in Alaska and the sale of short barrel rifle ammunition across the country.